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ﻻ - - - - O Allah, choose me, what is the good and the good? I seek refuge in Allah, and pray, be good, understanding, and appreciate the life of marriage, and do my work to God and His Messenger, and I will do what I want to do. A woman, I love traveling, Al-Farafshah, sports and laughter. We are all sisters with us, and we condemn them as condemned and as you want your husband, your sister. I also want to see the daughters of the people, and I want to serve my wife and give her in my eyes and crown her crown on my head and God on a martyr. I thank God for doing good and I love to help those whom I know and do not know and I have a strong mercy and especially to the poor and the needy and the orphans and the poor and cooperate with them help them even if I did not know them, my sister married his widow or Orphaned to compensate him, and ask God to reconcile.